Message From The Owner

The Camp Fire destroyed thousands of structures in Chico and Paradise. There was loss of human life, and those that made it out were displaced from their homes, their work, and their lives. For Lakeview Apartments in Chico that became a safe-haven and place for solace. The property manager of the community, John Liclican like many others, was one of the victims of the devastation. John’s extended family lost their home and all the precious memories it held. During the traumatic events that were unfolding and amid the tragedy, John rose above his own personal and family struggles and expedited, along with entire Lakeview Team, the availability of 17(seventeen) units to assist 38 displaced individuals/families. We are proud to have employees that when faced with personal heartbreak, still find it in their heart to show compassion and kindness towards others.


“The folks that survived and are telling their stories and don’t shake hands anymore- they hug. They are grateful for the ability to express their emotions and sympathy for those not as fortunate.”

-John Liclican


Thank you Lakeview Team for your outstanding work, compassion and dedication!